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Playa Venao Panama Real Estate

Playa Venao makes up the horseshoe-shaped bay located just below the tip of the Azuero Peninsula. The trip to Venao allows you to also pass through and appreciate the quaint, historically rich feels of Pedasi. The road is surrounded by local farms and dense hills that brings you to the beautiful beach community of Playa Venao.

The beach stretches for almost three kilometers. This pristine stretch provides guests surf breaks for both beginners and experts, tranquil areas for yoga or romantic walks, picturesque views by horseback, and waters full of award winning fishing spots. Relax in knowing that the area is considered extremely safe. Companies and experts are ready to assist in all of your adventures.

Currently, the area is not too developed, but Playa Venao is one of the most attractive areas for real estate projects in Panama.

Lifestyle in Playa Venao

Playa Venao and the entire region of the Azuero Peninsula are undergoing a slow but steady transformation.

There are two different realities that are coming together. There's rural Panama. A handful of picturesque fishing villages, with their deeply rooted customs. They jealously guard their traditions but are also warm and friendly people. On the other hand, the arrival of international tourists and the rise of hotels, condos, restaurants, businesses and Panama's most family-friendly resorts.

Luckily, the Azuero Peninsula has managed to preserve the best of these two worlds. Tourism is far from massive and the region retains a peaceful atmosphere that distinguishes it from other areas of Panama. The environment is perfectly preserved. Nature maintains its wild state, with many protected areas and fauna unique in the world.

The locals welcome visitors and introduce them to their customs, cuisine and traditions. Some have turned to tourist services, but many others maintain their original professions and have no intention of abandoning them. Meanwhile, visitors can enjoy all the comforts that a first-class destination must provide.
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What to do in Playa Venao

There is a lot to do in Playa Venao. The beach itself is a two-mile stretch of sand with the best waves you can dream of. It is a quiet beach, ideal for a walk, reading a book under the shade of a tree or horseback riding.

The extraordinary thing about the Azuero Peninsula is that it is all close by. So, if you're looking for vacation rentals in Panama, there's a wide range of options. The town of Pedasi is about 18 miles away. It is the most famous village in the entire region, with restaurants, hotels and commercial stores. It is small but well supplied. Humpback whale watching is one of the most popular activities. They are so close that you can even jump on a boat and touch them.
While the observation of humpback whales doing acrobatics is the most striking spectacle in the Azuero Peninsula, the most heartwarming is the sighting of turtles.

The beaches near Cañas are chosen by five species of turtles. They come by the thousands to lay their eggs on the protected sands. Snorkeling and diving are also very popular because the region has active coral reefs. In particular, around Isla Iguana, a National Park in Panama. As you can imagine, this island owes its name to its most distinguished inhabitants: thousands of colorful iguanas!

Finally, sport fishing is one of the most preferred activities on the Azuero Peninsula. In the Gulf of Panama, you can find sailfish, yellowfin tuna, sawfish and a wide diversity of marine life. The region is developing steadily. There are a number of real estate developments that are setting trends. For example, Blue Venao, a community that attracts residents and visitors from all over the world.

If you are looking for vacation rentals in Playa Venao, just contact us. We are here to offer you the best deal!

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